Looking for a Locksmith in Millswood? Read My FAQs

Goodwood Locksmiths and Automotive is your local locksmith. I have over 40 years of experience in servicing the Millswood community.

I cut keys and sell, install and repair all types of locks, for houses, garages and cars.

Yes, I cut car keys for all makes and models of cars, from classic to modern cars.

No, all our key cutting is done in-house. If you’re locked out of your home or car, I can recommend a quality mobile locksmith at an affordable price.

Yes, I can in most situations.

No, I am the owner and operator so I can provide an affordable service for all my customers, there’s no middleman involved.

Goodwood Locksmiths and Automotive is located at 210 Goodwood Road, accessible by Lonsdale Terrace. Just drive in, there’s ample parking!

No, I’m very close to the city centre and well-known throughout the area.

Yes, modern locks are high-security and resistant to lockpicks.

Rekeying means to keep your current locks the same, while changing the pins inside them, so that copies of your old key (including any you’ve lost or had stolen) no longer work. Rekeying will save you time and money, while keeping you secure!

Goodwood Locksmiths and Automotive

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