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Goodwood Locksmiths and Automotive is your local locksmith, with over 40 years of experience in servicing the Millswood community. I offer same-day locksmith services in cutting car keys for all types of cars, reprogramming electronic car keys, replacing car and home locks, installing and updating security on homes, and reprogramming keypads and garage remote controllers.

Andrew Limareff

If you need a locksmith, look no further. Experienced, knowledgeable and friendly service that won’t take advantage of you. The only thing that eclipses these things is the more-than-fair price. As long as you’re in business, I’ll not go anywhere else.

Michael Payne

AMAZING, don’t go anywhere else to get ANY and I mean ANY key cut. Even if it’s in a million pieces like mine was and 30 years old, he somehow works his magic. I took the same key to mister minute and they refunded my money after 5 attempts of me driving home to try it and it not even close to fitting, and he was cheaper!!! Don’t waste time and money looking anywhere else! If I could, I would offer money-back guarantees on Goodwood Locksmiths and Automotive!! Thanks again.

Daniel Johnson

Quality work. Top bloke. Easy parking off Goodwood Road. Wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Martha Vanos

Got terribly cut keys with my car and couldn’t open the car anymore. This guy cut me some new keys and everything works as new. Good prices, great service, friendly cat

David Klemitz

Re auto remote keys Fantastic ! If you think, having lost your only remote entry key that you are going to get a replacement for $100 – look out. The moral of the story is, get a duplicate from this guy before you loose the original. You will be awful glad you did!

Paul van Adrighem

Very helpful and very friendly, highly recommend

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